performance per‧form‧ance [pəˈfɔːməns ǁ pərˈfɔːr-] noun
1. [countable, uncountable] FINANCE the degree to which a company, investment, financial market etc is profitable:

• The company is showing strong performance and doing considerably better than the retail industry as a whole.

• They will report a $500 million loss, one of the worst performances ever by a US brokerage firm.

2. [uncountable] MANUFACTURING how well a machine, vehicle etc works:

• Consumers believed the car's price was relatively expensive for its performance.

3. [uncountable] HUMAN RESOURCES the way that someone does their job, and how well they do it:

• Some people were critical of her performance as a manager.

4. [uncountable] LAW the act of doing the things mentioned in a contract in the way that they should be done:

• the seller's performance of his part of the contract

speˌcific perˈformance [uncountable]
LAW when a court orders someone to do what they had agreed to do in a contract etc rather than ordering them to pay Damages (= money) as a punishment for not doing these things:

• An order for specific performance is one which requires the seller to deliver the goods and does not give him the option of paying damages instead.

• a specific performance claim

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performance UK US /pəˈfɔːməns/ noun
[C or U] how successful an investment, company, etc. is and how much profit it makes: »

The Fund's past performance does not necessarily indicate how it will perform in the future.

good/solid/strong performance »

Last year saw a strong performance from the high-street retailer.

bad/disappointing/poor performance »

The retailer said it would restructure operations to cut costs after its disappointing performance of the past year.

business/economic/financial performance »

Financial performance was below expectations and we are working on improvements.

boost/improve/measure performance »

The board is under pressure to improve performance following a profits warning in January.


The business value model should include high-level performance measures such as profitability, market growth, etc.


operating/trading performance

[U] IT how well a computer, machine, etc. works: »

The latest Intel-based notebooks rival PC performance.

[U] how well someone does their job or their duties: good/impressive/poor perfomance »

He was fired for poor performance.


John's departure is not directly related to his performance.

FORMAL LAW the act of doing what is stated in a legal agreement: »

Subject to due performance of its obligations, each Party shall be entitled to receive copies of all results.

See also HIGH-PERFORMANCE(Cf. ↑high-performance), SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE(Cf. ↑specific performance)

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